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Mytikas Preveza, where the “Rose Garden Apartments” are located, is a seaside settlement that belongs to the Municipality of Preveza.

A special destination with a background of the Ionian Sea and beautiful beaches, just 7 km from the city center of Preveza.

In the village and very close to the rooms you will find super markets, kiosk, pharmacy, bakeries, greengrocers and several taverns with good food and unparalleled views of the beautiful beach of Monolithi.

You can swim on the sandy beach of “Faros”, unorganized and calmer for moments of relaxation.

From Mytika begins the famous beach “Monolithi”, next to the homonymous aesthetic forest, which extends to a length of 25 km and last year was ranked first with the safest beaches in Europe for the post-lockdown season.

Along it there are beach bars that provide their customers with free sunbeds and umbrellas.


Preveza is a beautiful coastal city, capital of the Prefecture of Preveza and is built at the entrance of the Amvrakikos Gulf. Its close proximity to the Rose Garden Apartments (7 km) makes it a frequent destination for our customers.

With a historic center to the eye, three castles to embrace and many opportunities for excursions to the most interesting, and less explored, parts of Epirus, Preveza is not the city one is used to. It also has enchanting beaches, archeological and historical monuments, beautiful natural landscapes and many exciting options for activities and fun.

Visit the Venetian Clock Tower of Agios Charalambos, with the famous sundial, located in the historic center of Preveza, the three Venetian castles of the city of Pantokrator, Agios Andreas and Agios Georgios, the churches of Agios Charalambos, of Agios Ioannis and Agios Athanasios with the beautiful frescoes, the naval museum, Androutsos square, the house and the bust of Karyotakis, the historic narrow “Saitan Bazaar”, the Monument of the Unknown Sailor and the Thermal Baths.

Use the train of the Municipality for a free ride in the city!

You can walk in the historic center, in the narrow cobbled streets full of colorful taverns with super continental cuisine and incredible smells, which give you the feeling of an island. Along the port you will find many restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs.

In Preveza you will find traditional delicacies such as pies, pasta and sweets, fresh fish and seafood from the Amvrakikos gulf such as the famous Greek shrimp gambari that comes out there, sardines, local dish “petali”, the roe of Amvrakikos, many dairy products and liqueurs and many aromatic plants.

Take a cruise in the Amvrakikos Gulf, one of the largest wetlands in Greece, both in terms of size and importance. It is a National Park and is one of the most important ecosystems in Greece, with 300 species of birds recorded, of which 160 migratory and 6 globally endangered!

Choose the beach of your choice, from the shallowest in the city center, such as that of the Cανte d’Azur and Alonaki to Monolithi, the endless beach of 25 km, which ranked first on the list of the safest beaches in Europe for the post-lockdown era. Beaches that are also worth visiting are Vrachos, Loutsa, Ammoudia, Valtos, Sarakiniko, Kryoneri, Artolithia, Kastrosykia, Kanali, Lygia etc.

Follow the steps of ancient Nikopolis, the largest preserved ancient Greek city in the area and visit the Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis.

From us good excursions and happy holidays!


The location of Mytikas, where Rose Garden Apartments are located, makes it an ideal location for excursions in all the surrounding areas.

You can visit many sights of archaeological, historical, mythological, ecological interest or a combination of the above, such as the sources of the river Acheron, the Necromancer, Parga, Lefkada, the Sivota, Ancient Nikopolis (Roman Theater, Conservatory, Nymphaeum, Thermae) as well as its new museum, Zalongo and its folklore museum, the ruins of Ancient Cassiopeia, the Roman aqueduct, the wetland of Amvrakikos, for all tastes, as the entire coast from Preveza and in a length of 60 km is enchanting and suitable for swimming!

Photographic material: Vasilis Kourkoulas.